Hydroponic Farming Systems: Hydroponic farming systems supported by GRP panels manage the plant growing process in a modern and effective way. Thanks to their hygienic properties, the cleanliness of the growing environment and hygiene standards are maintained. Its lightweight structure facilitates system installation and transportation, while its flexible design provides an environment suitable for growing different plant species. Its insulating properties maintain optimum growing conditions for plants, while its antibacterial properties prevent the spread of plant diseases and harmful organisms.

Livestock Facilities: Livestock facilities built with GRP panels ensure that animals are raised in a comfortable and hygienic environment. Its hygienic properties ensure that the cleanliness and hygiene of the facility is maintained, while significantly improving the health and welfare of the animals. Its lightweight construction reduces construction costs, while its flexible design adapts to different animal species and breeding methods. Insulation properties control temperature and humidity levels inside the facility, while antibacterial properties reduce the risk of disease.

Poultry Breeding Facilities: GRP panels used for poultry breeding facilities offer a hygienic and efficient breeding environment. Thanks to its hygienic properties, it allows the facility to be easily cleaned and reduces the risk of disease. Its lightweight structure makes it easy to install and transport the facility, while its flexible design provides an environment suitable for raising different types of poultry. Insulation properties optimize temperature and humidity levels within the facility, while antibacterial properties protect the health of poultry and reduce the risk of disease.

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